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The Netherlands is a beautiful country known for its iconic windmills and colorful tulip fields. Many people from around the world come to the Netherlands for study or work and are in search of a place to call home.

However, the housing market in the Netherlands is currently facing significant challenges. The demand for housing has increased by 200%, leading to some landlords taking advantage of the situation. 

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They charge excessive amounts of money for their properties. Renters often find themselves in a vulnerable position, as they need a place to live and have limited options. They are forced to accept unreasonable conditions and high rental prices set by landlords.

Unfortunately, many foreign individuals are not familiar with the Dutch laws and regulations related to housing, causing them to pay more than they should for their homes. According to Dutch law, renters have the right to assess their rental contracts when starting a new tenancy to ensure the rent they are paying is fair. 

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To be eligible for this legal procedure, specific conditions must be met, and the necessary documentation must be submitted correctly to successfully obtain a rent reduction.


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Rent reduction point system



At Huurteam Netherlands, we have a team of legal advisors dedicated to protecting renters' rights. We take legal action against landlords who fail to comply with regulations and assist renters in securing rent reductions for the excessive amounts they have paid.


Legal advice and help

  • Rent Reduction for Overpriced Accommodations: We help calculate the maximum allowable rent set by the Dutch government for your room or house. If the rent exceeds the point system, we provide mediation with the government and file for a rent reduction on your behalf.
  • Service Costs: Many landlords also charge additional service costs for facilities and services. However, landlords are not permitted to profit from these service costs. We offer guidance in reducing your service cost bills from the past three years.
  • Temporary Rent Reduction for Maintenance Issues: If there are damages or issues in your rented property that the landlord is responsible for, they are obligated to address and resolve them. In cases where the landlord fails to take action, Dutch law may entitle you to a temporary rent reduction until the necessary repairs are completed.

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Rent Reduction

Don't hesitate to assert your rights. Contact us for professional legal advice on a no-cure, no-pay basis. Our successful track record shows that renters can recover hundreds, and sometimes even thousands, of euros in overpaid rent.

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No Cure No Pay.

We provide free advice tailored to your specific circumstances. You only pay for our services if you qualify for a rent reduction.

Our fee structure is based on a commission. We charge 25% of the total amount you receive in rent reduction, plus an additional month's difference in reduction. If you don't qualify for a reduction, there's no obligation to pay us anything. This ensures a fair outcome for everyone involved. During an initial consultation, we will assess your eligibility for the procedure.

If you're not eligible, we'll guide you towards alternative options you can explore. Starting a procedure with the Dutch government can be challenging, especially for non-Dutch individuals. Submitting the required documents correctly is essential, as incorrect submissions often lead to unsuccessful cases. Huurteam Nederland can assist you in navigating this process. They have extensive knowledge of legal matters and can help ensure the success of your case.

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    Everyone in The Netherlands can apply for our legal advice and mediation for asking a rent reduction by the Dutch law. 

    We are active in all the big cities and even the smallest villages. 

    Everybody deserves a safe and good home.